Writing support packages for business and education

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We work with individuals who could benefit from a trusted mentor to help improve their persuasive business writing.

We also deliver bespoke workshops to small groups within organisations. Participants learn how to formulate an effective document, present concise and balanced messages and write with clarity and confidence.

"I found the day challenging and rewarding; a practical course underpinned by academic research.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who writes reports, papers or business cases, irrespective of experience.”

Mr J.  Internal Audit

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Is Argue to Think business training right for me?

  • Do you want to reduce the number of lengthy and ineffective board reports your directors are faced with?
  • Do you want your team to learn how to write more persuasive business cases and pitches?
  • Does your team include newly appointed managers who need upskilling in different forms of business writing?
  • Do you want to increase confidence and reduce imposter syndrome among members of your team who need to write at work?
  • Have you recently returned to work and need to refresh your business writing skills?

Universities and schools

Our writing workshops and individual training help students to think critically and develop flexible minds, so they can benefit fully from the western education system.

This multi-disciplinary support can be tailored to undergraduates, postgraduates and international students.

When working with schools, we develop each workshop based on your syllabus and adapt the content depending on how the group responds. Students are asked to engage in dynamic role plays and persuasive exercises to relate the concept of critical thinking to your current topic.

Examples of recent topics have included:

  • How to write persuasively
  • Understanding the basics of a written argument
  • Presenting an argument from a position of weakness
  • Incorporating evidence effectively
  • How to acknowledge multiple points of view

"I have really benefited from partnering with Argue to Think, and their tailored role-playing sessions helped my BA students hone their skills in thinking clearly about arguments on both sides of complex questions, and putting those arguments down on paper."

Dr Gareth Griffith, Department of English, University of Bristol

Rows of chairs awaiting students in a university lecture hall

Is Argue to Think educational training right for me?

  • Are you an international student in the UK and striving for success?
  • Do you want to improve the quality of your essay writing to produce better grades?
  • Are you a secondary teacher who wants to help students develop more effective written arguments?
  • Does your class include students who can articulate a verbal argument extremely well, but struggle on paper?
  • Do you want to help a specific group of students, such as underachieving boys, to excel?