Dr Dani Hilliard

Dr Hilliard putting the final touches to her thesis

Dani is an experienced teacher with a keen awareness of the difficulties people have in expressing what they think – particularly when writing. Her PhD research focused on developing a process that challenges people to argue and think for themselves within a structured and caring environment.

Dani continues to work with the education sector, helping students improve their essays and dissertations not only to achieve better exam results, but to approach real-world arguments with a clear and open mind.

She also helps businesses become more efficient, streamlining communication processes and helping them write better board reports, business cases and other aspects of business writing.

Dani's passion and expertise came across from the start, she is very engaging and has a great method of teaching that connects and inspires. I cannot speak highly enough of this course; it was both fun and challenging and I have already recommended it to my colleagues.”

- David Solomides

David Solomides

Portrait of David Solomides

David Solomides is Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Exeter and was awarded Business Mentor of the Year by the SETsquared Partnership (the world-leading university business incubator). At Argue to Think, David combines the roles of non-executive and commercial director. By developing partnerships within both business and education, David helps us teach more people the key facets of argumentation and critical thinking: a clear vision, strategic ideas, and persuasive expression. 

David also sits on the board of 5 other companies strongly linked to education.