Writing coaching for students

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Improving results with critical thinking

We guide students to write better essays and improve their academic grades. By learning how to structure and present a persuasive argument, students develop the critical thinking prowess that leads to higher results.

This multi-disciplinary support can be tailored to undergraduates, postgraduates, and international students. It is particularly helpful for students whose discipline is largely practical or numbers-based, for example medics, engineers, social care workers and accountants.

“I have clearly seen an improvement in classroom discussion, students’ conception of what exactly an argument in history is and how this links into the essay writing skills required of students at this level.”

Dr David Brown, Curriculum Manager for Modern History Farnborough Sixth Form College

International students

If you are studying in the UK as an international student, there are lots of cultural nuances to get your head round – not least of all, the language. Even if you are fluent in English, there are clear differences in the way we present an argument, compared with other cultures.

The key is critical thinking, which is a vital skill to learn if you are writing essays and theses at a UK university.

We teach you how to apply your knowledge in the context of a written discussion, consider multiple points of view and make a compelling case.

Not only will this help you achieve better academic results, it will position you to excel in a commercial and innovative environment in the future.

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If you support students who are struggling to formulate written arguments, we offer bespoke training packages to teach the fundamentals of critical thinking.

Students learn how to:

  1. Communicate clearly and confidently through their writing
  2. Ask ‘why’, and ‘so what’, when applying their knowledge
  3. Acknowledge and respond to other perspectives
  4. Use evidence effectively
  5. Build powerful and persuasive arguments

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“Dani has worked with great effect with sixth form students for the last 4 years. Her intervention has helped students argue in a more coherent and structured manner. This is an area of paramount importance to learning yet is often neglected. Dani is professional in her research but brings experience as a teacher. As such, she has been able to contribute to both the department and to the students in an excellent manner.”

Mr Drew, Head of History Colston’s School

If you want to succeed in your studies, we can help you