Part of our work to support students and businesses includes linking up with like-minded companies to strengthen the services we offer.


Wellbeing for students

Leaving the familiarity of friends and family for a new world at university can be exciting and daunting in equal measures. There’s a new environment, new expectations – sometimes even a new language to get to grips with. That’s before you’ve had a chance to build your own support network.

At Wellbeing for Students, we help students get up and running quickly so they can launch into their studies with the mental resources to enjoy and excel at university.


Student wellbeing services

Our team offers training programmes, workshops, online resources and events to support students’ mental, physical and emotional needs.

If you, or students you work with, are looking for support in the following areas, we can help:

  • Mental health issues – anxiety or depression triggered by moving to university
  • Learning techniques – how to study, revise or pass exams while remaining mentally healthy
  • Pacing and self-support – ensuring a healthy balance of learning and fun
  • Friendship and peer support – how to build a new support network having left friends and family at home
  • Practical help living and studying away from home – finance, budgeting and domestic management

Wellbeing team

Joining Dani and David<link to About page> in our wellbeing taskforce are Creative Communicator, Sue Haswell, and Risk Realist, Bill Freeman.

You can read more about our team here.