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What We Do

Shaping results through critical thinking

Presenting a compelling and well-reasoned case is fundamental to success – in both the corporate and academic worlds. Whether you are writing a board report or a final-year thesis, we help you to:

  • Clarify your thinking
  • Consider multiple points of view
  • Develop a succinct and persuasive case
  • Communicate with confidence


How can we help?



Win new business through well argued proposals, funding applications and pitches

Improve productivity and generate more revenue through clearer report writing and focused business plans



Improve your academic writing for better grades and exam success

Be confident articulating your opinion whilst acknowledging alternative points of view


About Argue to Think

Argue to Think was born out of Dr Dani Hilliard’s PhD research to develop a process that challenges people to argue and think for themselves. Dani now uses this process to help students and businesses improve their written reports and arguments, with impressive results.

Trust Us

Clients & Partners


I have really benefited from partnering with Argue to Think… their tailored role-playing sessions helped my BA students hone their skills in thinking clearly about arguments on both sides of complex questions and putting those arguments down on paper.

Dr G., Department of English, Faculty of Arts, School of Humanities, University of Bristol

For a large number of personnel there is a common skills gap in the ability to adequately and concisely describe a business opportunity, problem or risk in a fully rounded way. Often the cases that are presented are dismissed, requiring considerable re-work and wasting both senior executive and the author’s time. Worse still, if the cases are not properly represented, the wrong decision could be made. The root cause for these situations arising is that there is very little training available to business people to develop their language and skills within a business context or environment. Often formal English training finished at GCSE or O-level, so it is of little wonder that the skills of persuasive argument are perhaps a little rusty.   Argue to Think is a unique course that explores and develops the key argumentative skills required to succinctly describe problems and recommend solutions within a business context, providing much needed and relevant training. 

Mr H., Change Director, Multinational FTSE100 Corporation, UK

The service Argue to Think offered solved our issue of not having an in-house resource to proofread and improve our documents. Often colleagues either didn't have the expertise or were not bold enough to suggest alterations or improvements to our documents or copy. Argue to Think are able to offer arms-length advice without being concerned about office politics. Argue to Think have the skills to ensure our documents are succinct, clear and easy to read.  If you are struggling with copy or drafting sales or in-house documents. Dani at Argue to Think, has the ability to pull them together so they make sense and that will help create the right impression and win new business.

Mr W., Director, SME, Exeter, Devon

Argue to Think can improve students' thinking. As they want to study in the west, getting into the way of westerners’ thinking can make their studying abroad smoother and help them get a better grade. Argue to Think makes you different from your competition; makes you more competitive and more successful for your students.

Mr Z., New Channel International Education, Beijing, China

I was introduced to Argue to Think by one of our advisors and had such an inspiring first discussion with Dani about my work and how she could help. Dani has since given us some invaluable insights to improve our business plan; she really understood which messages we needed help to shine through, to make it more clear and impactful. Dani really considers your audience and how they feel in response to what you've written and gives you an incredibly helpful perspective that you often can't see as the writer! I'd absolutely recommend Dani at Argue to Think, we're so grateful for her expert advice.

Dr W., Founder, Exeter Science Centre, Exeter, Devon

I worked with Dani for a period of 18 months during 2006-2007. I was a younger mature student studying A Levels, Politics and Law, at night school with the aim of acceptance to read Law at the University of Bristol. I had previously struggled to effectively communicate my thoughts on paper and the work Dani and I did in that period, before my undergraduate degree was genuinely life changing.  What I found most transformative was Dani’s input in developing my ability to structure and formulate arguments through essay writing. The skills that I learnt progressed my academic work to consistently A* level. I graduated Law with honours and have gone on to a successful business career and further post-graduate level study. Dani was sympathetic, enthusiastic, believed in me as a student and I still have fond memories of working with her almost fifteen years ago.

Mr H., Director/Consultant and Executive MBA Candidate at London Business School

Dani Hilliard tutored me across 3 A levels subjects: Business, Politics and Classical Civilisations. Before working with Dani, I struggled with knowing how to approach an essay question and structuring my answer, but with each piece of work I completed I would see a clear improvement. The techniques which Dani taught me were universal and have been invaluable whilst studying Law at University. I can confidently say that being tutored by Dani helped me improve my A levels results and that without the help she gave me I would not have passed. Dani is a great tutor and any student no matter their age would benefit from her advice, knowledge and guidance.

Mr S., reading for Law with Business LLB (Hons) at the University of Exeter

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